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I ask you the question WHO IS IN CONTROL OF YOUR MIND?

Very Simple just Breathe. Can you sit quietly in your thoughts for an hour?? If the answer is no then I ask you the question WHO IS IN CONTROL OF YOUR MIND. We all know about the now public MK ULTRA mind control techniques which have been deployed & tested on the public for over 50 years. The depth of this fuckery thanks to technology has gone quantum we are talking interface with Artificial intelligence, RF Nano Chips, 5g Targetted individuals, Alien technology, implants all feeding the beast. It's a multi-faceted attack on your mind, time, vital life force "Chi, Prana, golden egg, god energy".

We are talking about an artificial living internet of things consciousness, connected to the 5g smart "death grid". It's hitting us on all angles trying to keep humans in a state of slumber & low frequency, energy flows where intention goes.

Propaganda mainstream media on every channel promoting lies and dis information, Predictive programming, flicker rates in TVs and Smartphones, Frequencies buzzing out of phone towers WFIF routers, Mobile phones, HAARP, 5g penetrating our bodies. Now don't forget our bodies are now filled with conductive metals & nanotech which has been sprayed on us for years thanks to the covert (which is now mainstream) Geo-Engineering programs happening worldwide in every united nation "Rothschilds Puppet army" country on earth.

So the attack is clearly on our minds, distractions at every turn, a circus of war, famine, politics, destruction and anything to distract us from being loving present, connected, able to think for our selves. This a holographic reality and you have the ability to co-create whatever you put your focus on. You literally have limitless powers but the system has told you lies like, your sinful, you need saving, god needs to save you, ect ect.

The truth of the matter is if you regain control of your mind / open the heart and start doing deep inner work by firstly loving yourself you can create any reality you want on earth. This is the occult secrets the system doesn't want you to know. It wants you helpless and following orders, the perfect slave dumb enough not to think but just smart enough to follow orders.

What does chi energy cultivation do? It raises our internal frequency burning away layers of the etheric bodies or trauma. We rise above drama and distraction we move past disease in the physical body, the DNA gene sequences changes we literally upgrade our bodies. This is ancient tech and every human has the ability to tap into it with some regular work and feel the benefits on all levels.

The biggest threat to this dying old satanic system is informed up graded people, as specially informed parents who bring up conscious kids.

Start your inner work today, tap into those universal energies which will upgrade your being, transcend disease and change your life forever. For more info inbox me.

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