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U.S Special Forces Soldier Arrested for Trying to Smuggle 90 Pounds Of Cocaine into Florida

A U.S. #specialforcessoldier is accused of attempting to smuggle 90 pounds of #cocaine from #Cali, #Colombia, into the #EglinAirForceBase in #Florida. Army Master Sgt. Daniel Gould, assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group, reportedly tried to smuggle the drugs on a military plane, but they were caught before the aircraft ever left Colombia and before the drugs made it onto the plane. He was already back in the #UnitedStatesbut was promptly arrested by the DEA after the two backpacks of cocaine were discovered. “We are aware of recent allegations concerning a U.S. soldier assigned under U.S. Army Special Operations Command for reportedly attempting to smuggle narcotics from Colombia into the U.S.,” said Army spokesman Lt. Col. Robert Bockholt, as reported by NBC News. “We are cooperating fully with #lawenforcementofficials concerning this matter. In order to protect the integrity of the investigation and the rights of the individual, there is no additional information available for release at this time.“ Government employees have been caught trafficking drugs before, from #TSA agents to police officers to other soldiers. The CIA, too, has been implicated in vast drug operations, most notably its role in the explosion of #crackcocaine in inner-cities in the 1980s. Even the DEA, tasked with preventing the flow of drugs, has facilitated their proliferation in the name of making busts. #DrugWar#WarOnDrugs #freedom_faction

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