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6 Signs You're Stressed

6 Signs You're Stressed....and That You Need Some Down Time.

1. Fat Stores - when the body is stressed it produces a stress hormone that puts fat on around the belly (under the belly button in particular), lower back, inner thighs and back of the arm. Fat stores that chronically accumulate in these areas means that stress hormones are high.

2. Stimulant addiction - when the body is stressed, it starts to become fatigued and if the person doesn't know that this is a sign to slow down, stimulant addiction often comes into the picture. Coffee, chocolate, teas, caffeine supplements and fast acting sugars like junk food, alcohol etc all can act to mask the fatigue. If not addressed in time, more severe addictions to more dangerous substances often results.

3. Insomnia - when the body is chronically stressed, it often comes into a state of being that's described as "wired and tired". This means the body is exhausted but it's so stressed, it can't break into a normal sleep cycle.

4. Irrationally and Illogical Decisions - when we're stressed, we activate a part of our brains that is notoriously inept, irrational and illogical. This part of the brain can get us into plenty of trouble with our relationships, finances and life decisions in general. This part of the brain is also famous for falling down stairs, slipping, knocking things over, bumping into people, getting into car accidents and being physically (and mentally) clumsy.

5, Aches, Pains and Stiffness - when the body is chronically stressed, it develops more of an acid based blood stream,.....which results in more joint pain and body based soreness.

6. Constipation - when the body is stressed, it crimps down hard on the intestines, causing constipation. This biting down effect can become so severe, it can trigger frequent diarrhea. In the end, chronic stress can cause rotating bouts of constipation and then diarrhea.

None of these symptoms mean too much in isolation but as a group, they can certainly mean you're doing too much, without the appropriate recovery time. Don't forget that the body needs rest and maintenance like any machine. You are only given one body. Be kind to self and practice more self love. Knowledge is power. Power up. Power to the people.

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