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Genetically enhanced humans have now become a reality

Genetically enhanced humans have now become a reality. Deep State using radiation to alter human DNA. Your food weaponized. Nano technology hidden in bottled water. The cellphone is not your friend. 5G Technology along with Smart Meters will cook your ass! Some will survive while others mutate. Will the little Hobbits save the day? Can there be a working relationship between "Machine Intelligence & Organic Intelligence"? Trump wants to create a 5th branch of the U.S. Military called "Space Force". It was President Reagan that first mentioned "Star Wars Defense System" that developed the "Secret Space Program". The war in the Middle East a cover story for something else? Atomic Energy Commission and CERN. Pacific Ocean hides a Stargate. America is Atlantis. We've been here before. Shifting timelines. I'm getting ready to do workshops here in Beulah, Colorado, should anyone like to attend? They're free. We can also provide lodging for those that travel distance to get here. The "Global Hive Mind" has a virus connected to "False Memory Inserts". My workshops will address that matter explaining how it works and remove mind control programs. Most people have no idea their "Soul Memory" had been stolen. And when you die back into the "Time Loop" reincarnation crap! Hence you become a slave supporting the Beast 666 Matrix. This 3-D Realm should be viewed as a slave camp mining resources for another civilization. Your birth certificate a bill of sell. Memory was hacked replaced with "Deep State Programming" which supports both "Church & State" nonsense! Yet there's hope that Source will step in and kick some ass providing the little Hobbits can say no to evil? MOM is pissed! and the "Garden of Eden" will be restore back to its original condition. 777 and the "Seventh Trumpet" when the Lamb opens the "Final Seal" allowing the Christ Consciousness to "Reveal & Heal" the sins of humanity. This is part of the "Global Disclosure" about everything regarding human history going back to Atlantis. Lets not repeat past mistakes. Say goodbye to fear. Embrace the truth about yourself. Say no to evil. When "Sleeping Beauty" wakes from "Deep State Programming" life becomes much better. You become happy, healthy and free! How cool is that! My workshops here at the Gaia Wellness & Healing Center will explain how you can reclaim your "True Identity". Some of you have undergone MK-ULTRA Programming and want answers; others, need help with exploring the subconscious to find their answers. Each thought connected to "Reality Programs" controlled by Deep State. "No wonder you can't think straight", said the Blind Man.

Michael kavanagh

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