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777 represented by a Flaming Sword

777 represented by a Flaming Sword in which the Arch Angel Michael holds in his hand directing energy coming from the Godhead to earth. This drawing is called "The Tree of Life" in which Adam and Eve ate the "Forbidden Fruit". Jesus was "Nailed" unto this Tree. The "Western Occult Tradition" a system of increasing "New Levels of Intelligence" opening the mind to receive more information from the "Motherboard of Creation". Of course, there's much more to this story and you should think in terms of "Inter-Dimensional" activities. Christ a "Walk-In" from another dimension? God does not live on Mars! Human's have entered a "New Dimension" without even releasing what took place! This refers to the "Mandela Affect" and "Shifting Timelines". God said, "In a blink of the eye everything can and will change". Its your "Electrical Signature" that tells us "Who & What" you are. "Organic Intelligence" evolving to a whole new level of thinking and processing data. Note: The 21st Century is about understanding all the information coming into this organic world from "Cyberspace". Stop believing that nonsense from NASA. 70% of the US Military budget for 2018 is for "Cyberspace Researches". That the NSA is the direct result of "Inter-Dimensional Communication" with another civilization. President Trump "Penthouse" is located on the 66th floor of the "Trump Towers" in NYC. Interesting that the "Penthouse" is bathed in gold? Meaning, gold is a conductor of electricity and his "Penthouse" is really a "NSA Computer". Should the destruction of "Twin Towers" on 9/11 be seen as something else? Is there really a Stargate in the Middle East? The "Temple of Solomon" a portal? Human Intelligence is now ready for more disclosures regarding their "True DNA Roots" as we continue to "Reach for the Stars". The "White Hats" have been busy all over the world cleaning house and taking out the trash! There's no place for evil in this "New Age of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding". That the Illuminati Lion will show "Love & Respect" for the "Lambs of God".

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