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China is launching Weather-Control Machines Across an Area the size of Alaska

In past years, the subject of artificial weather has been consider #taboo in Western media. According to the typical business model of the MSM, “It’s only worth reporting if it’s profitable.” Consequently, the subject of #weathermodification either took a back seat or was excluded from the ride entirely. While certain media outlets choose to ridicule #truthers and their intent to seek out real answers about weather modification, appears to be discussing this fact of modern technology openly. Though their recent post was included under the Opinion section of their website, this large publisher seems to spare little detail in revealing the truth about chemical #weathermanipulation. The question is, “How could a scientifically factual principle be considered opinion?” Either weather modification is happening, or it’s not. Why not place the topic in the Science section according to its actual subject matter? Further, upon observing the fact that a publisher as significant as Forbes is admitting that these programs are ongoing in the East, it is only logical to ask whether or not it is happening in the West. We may find it interesting to see certain large publishers printing material with ridiculing tones against #truthseekers. It seems that any time independent researchers stumble upon information that paints the status quo and the elitists behind it in any negative light, that is when demeaning material is produced to convince the rest of the public to ignore the damning information. Due to the extensive effort which MSM typically dedicates to smearing independent thought and research, it is safe to say that much of these revelations have a good chance of being at least partially accurate. The subject of artificial weather is no exception. When it comes to the reality of weather modification, the Western mainstream has a tendency to shy away from facts and rely instead upon blind dismissal... #GeoEngineering #Agenda21#Agenda2030

  • In the past, any time researchers presented the evidence that artificial weather was being produced, the MSM and numerous sources would propagandistically ridicule the position in every way they could. However, the principle—according to numerous official sources—is actually true to life. For decades, the practice of cloud-seeding has been undergone by the admission of the Air Force and various scientific organizations. Yet, various aspects of the MSM refuse to cover the topic in its entirety. The method of cloud-seeding in the West is observably conducted not by old anti-aircraft batteries, but by aerosol dispersal systems in specialized cargo jets, according to research. Despite past ignorance of the MSM, it appears that now, to some extent, the corporate media is admitting to a certain version of this technology being used over the countryside of Huangpi, China.

  • China is launching the world’s largest weather-control machine, with the ability to modify the weather in an area similar to the size of Alaska. China has never shied away from doing things on a massive scale and this is yet another example of the Chinese government working on an unprecedented scale. China’s state-owned Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is implementing a plan to send thousands of rain-inducing machines across the Tibetan Plateau to increase rainfall along the region. The Tibetan Plateau is the source of much of China’s water, running down from the mountainous highlands via the massive Yangtze, Mekong, and Yellow rivers. These rivers, which originate on the Tibetan Plateau, are fed by glacial and snow meltwater and drain down into the fertile Chinese farmlands.

  • The practice of artificially inducing rainfall in China is not new, the country manipulated the weather over Beijing just before and during the 2008 Beijing Olympics to ensure a rain-free event. The practice has only grown in scale as part of the Sky River Project aimed at increasing China’s water resources for its billions of people. China is installing tens of thousands of chambers across the Tibetan Plateau and mountains. These machines will produce very fine silver iodide particles that are then lifted into the atmosphere with upwelling winds. As these particles are dispersed into the atmosphere they act as the nucleating point of condensed water. In order for water vapor (humidity) in the air to form clouds and eventually rain, it requires a nucleating particle. Typically, this is a tiny particle of dust which en masse produces the clouds we see in the sky. By artificially “seeding” the Tibetan Plateau with silver iodide particles the Chinese government is inducing the formation of clouds where there weren’t any before. Once the clouds become unstable, this leads to artificially induced rainfall.

  • Each rain machine (chamber) is expected to create a 3-mile long strip of billowing clouds. When multiplied by the thousands of chambers China is installing along the Tibetan Plateau, it is estimated that China will be artificially controlling the weather over an area similar to the size of Alaska. China plans to monitor the system through weather satellites and supplement with silver iodide particles deployed from planes and shot out of ground artillery. In total, the Chinese government expects the system, which will span 620,000 square miles, to produce up to 10 billion cubic meters of rainfall each year. If the system works as expected, it would equal roughly 7 percent of China’s annual water consumption, helping China quench the thirst of its 1.4 billion people. China's Massive Weather Modification Plan, Space Weather | News

Weather Modification Openly Shown on TV in China

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