How do only ''A Handful of Leaders'' control ''A Huge Amount of Masses'' in this physical world of planet earth?

June 9, 2018


    How do only ''''''''A Handful of Leaders''''''''' control ''A Huge Amount of Masses'' in this physical world of planet earth?

    The answer to this very important question is through their ''Great Acting'' of various promises, which create thought formations of similar ''Sentiments, Feelings, and Emotions'' regarding all the Material World Desires, which mostly also ''Never Get Fulfilled'' during their allotted cyclic time frames.

    This great '''Play of Acting''' is relayed through the various ''Concepts of Media'' in the enormous amount of #humanmasses.

    And this is a undeniable #fact, that any type of #media actually controls the ''Sentimental Aspect of All Evolving Human Races'' ....As sentiments, feelings, and emotions define everyday life aspects of humanity upon this planet earth.

    And before ''media'' became an #international connected forum in our own life time to show various types of ''acting'', .............Various satellites were placed through various agreements between controlling powers in the ethereal zones of sky to make this all work so they can successfully carry on their hidden agendas to easily define their ''One World Order''.


     #Storm Cloud Gathering











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