The Lion also stood thousands of years of testament in the sands of Egypt

June 4, 2018


The Lion also stood thousands of years of testament in the sands of Egypt, built with the original face of a woman (the false beard was later attached by the ruthless Pharaoh Kufu & his sons who claimed the ancient sites as their own- adding on), depicting Virgin Woman or Virgo and Lion being Leo. Scorpio was changed to a Scorpion after the Great Hijacking of Khem, Egypt & the destruction of Akhenaten's Armana meaning "City of Light". Egypt was mixed by Ethiopian African's, as Queen of Sheba ruled far into Yemen; and the Aryan (post Flood civilization) which began its cities in Sumer, Mesopotamia .

The much later Aryan Hebrew tribes, brother to the Muslim tribes left on a spiritual quest out of Egypt. It was the "chosen", meaning the holders of "Spiritual Wisdom" & "Pure Heart" (not of physical body form race) with "True compassion" for others in the world, chosen to guide the Light. The tribe of Judah (1 of 12 tribes) joined with Benjamin after The Great Preacher King Solomon's death when hijacked Samara known as Israel's "10 lost tribes", & the banner of Judah survived, being a "Lion", held by the modern spiritual children of the One.

The ancient word "Som or Soma" meaning "Moon" and the word "Aryan" meaning "Lion" was combined by the mighty "Soma" rulers of Sumer (Som+Aryan= Sumerian) to proudly depict their ancient heritage as their great Rishis were aware that vital consciousness came from the planet moon, when it was fertile long long ago, now being a dead planet effecting the earths liquid magnetic planes through its cyclic revolution.

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