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Peadofiles, Taking Energy To fill in the the gap where there was no love to begin with

This Era Of The Paedophile is coming to an end, the light of truth is shining brightly at this occult energy harvest ritualistic practise, which is about genetics and a plan that goes beyond the earthly 3d domains of skin and flesh. The world needs to realise that this reaches, the top of the perceived pyramid and goes off-world, on earth the ruling class bloodlines are the ones who are the biggest players in this operation. Yes, we are talking Prime Ministers, Presidents , Movie Stars, Royal Families, The top echelon of Churches, The Vatican and all Major religions (The Blood Cults Which worship the Black Cube) It also infects Child Protections agencies, Foster homes, foundations and charities who are apparently looking after kids, but in reality are the perpetrators in disguise in many cases, all hidden in plain sight and all done by design.

The millions who have been raped, molested and children who have been touched MUST work through this trauma and face the hall of mirrors. Speak up, do not stay silent. This is generational and if you do not release the trauma around what happened to you it will get passed onto your children and they will invite the same scenarios to play out in their lives. This life is about releasing trauma and moving the old energy, facing the uncomfortable regions of your mind which makes you feel sick in the stomach.

These triggers are what you must walk head first into. Be fearless because so many people are waiting for their chance to rise up and speak too but are scared also, so you need to start the chain reaction it only takes a few believe me you're not alone. These pedos and rapists are lonely, lost people, De void of Love, humility, with broken childhoods and deep emotional wounding, they no doubt had the same happen to them when they were kids.

They are still humans and killing them will not end this mind virus the energy will just stay and either come through the children or it will hover around till the next incarnation and the same lessons will present themselves.. Its all about energy, its all about harvesting for off-world entites. The way to stop this is take away their food source, remove the trauma and open the heart once again, love is the only answer to every problem on earth. Those who do not know love will never know peace.

So am I am saying we need compassion for these parasites.. unfortunately, yes... I know what you are thinking...

I have realised recently that fighting with hate only gives energy to the casue, and thats feeding the enemy these beings feed of emotion, hence the media pushing negative energy each and every day, wars, terrorism, pandemics, murders all put in your face to make you get emotional. This is still feeding the beast. We can fight but it must be done another way, without our emotions tied to a perceived outcome. We must stop this from happening, and protect our children, give them so much love that no one grows up and turns into a monster ever again.

No love turns into pain, which then turns into inadequacy, which leads to searching for something to fill in the empty gap inside eg addictions, sex, rape, its a game of energy give or take. The more pain the more desperate the action to find the solution.

Its Never ending until we see and understand how and why people turn.. Nate Max

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