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Dr. Cured Cancer in 6 Weeks! Spills Beans! Wednesday, May 23, 2018 19:02

Incredible health secrets from Doctor Bigelsen who was raided because he was actually helping people and acting as a consultant for other physicians. He was helping people get healed and figured out some amazing things concerning our blood which he says is actually holographic! He covers so many secrets the evil ones do not want you to know in this amazing interview!

He says Cancer is a mold and teaches women how to beat breast cancer.

For example he says there is a very cheap and effective cure for prostrate cancer called Honvan which you can buy for about $1 a pill from India! He says he cured a man of prostrate cancer in 6 weeks with it! This is why his information must be shared with everybody and why everybody must expose Fake Rockefeller M.D. medicine pushed by the Fake News and Fake media!

He describes how he cured a woman of Alzheimers in this video.

His website is at and you can see many of his books on Amazon using the links below. Dr. Cured Cancer in 6 Weeks! Spills Beans!

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