The Holy Word "ON"

May 22, 2018


The holy word "ON" defining the cosmic frequency vibrations of holy "LIGHT", was known more than 5,000 years ago by the "ancient Egyptians", who named their main spiritual center as the "holy city of #spiritual light" or in #ancient #egyptian language as "ON", whom the ancient #Greek historians later termed as "#Heliopolis" meaning "the city (polis) of solar #light (helio), which equated with the Solar #Sun, the 'vital #heart & #mind center' of our solar #universe. The ancient #Hebrews called this place "Beth Shemesh" meaning the city (Beth) of Sun (Shemesh).
It is this city where wisdom of the "cyclic #reincarnation" was openly displayed every year in a sacred festival, depicted in the story of the celestial "#Phoenix Bird" which died in burning fire, and from the ashes of burning fire then rejuvenated & flew away for another year of cyclic life, depicting the established evolutionary order of "birth & death" which prevails in the infinite universe. 

Most human beings of this dense plane world during their "short lived incarnated lives" keep themselves engrossed in the #matrix of the illusory material glamour which is present everywhere & in every part of human life upon this planet earth. Those having "unfulfilled desires" related to "illusions & delusions" of dense physical world, can easily end up becoming ghosts which is a doomed state of vital consciousness with absolutely "no future", totally cut off from the established "Evolutionary Path of Ascension" in the infinite universe.

During the #Morning #Twilight period be true from the heart and contemplate upon the holy name which is truth.


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