The Silent assault against the Western World

May 20, 2018



The real assault against the Western World is being conducted on a cultural level, attacking the cognitive powers of the population through drugs, mass media brainwashing and enhanced techniques like the killer point-and-shoot video games that have addicted so many of the nation’s youth, to the point that they have no productive skills. Mindless #drones, behaving like reality TV wack-jobs, all twist & taught. Flickering screens got their soul stuck on repeat. When the heart becomes hardened so much and the mind can no longer question or even think- there is nothing left but plastic fabricated corporatized genetic abominations, styled and fashioned under the top "Name & Fame" puppets, stuck in the illusory glamour, having false pride, along with unquenchable greed. #WallStreet is run by soulless corrupted consciousness whom are totally devoid of #compassion working for foreign international financiers as the henchmen for soulless corporate entities. What do you expect?..

Agenda 21 David Icke

Nate Max





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