Mammograms Proven to Cause Breast Cancer.

April 4, 2018

Mammograms Proven to Cause Breast Cancer Growth and Spread

Here we see that mammograms are proven to cause breast cancer but how could they not, given they blast cancer causing radiation into the breast. The biggest cause of disease today is indoctrination and propaganda. Each member of our society is processed through a government school system that imprints a love of science and government deep into the child. That child then grows up into a fully indoctrinated adult. Then science and govenrment team up to destroy each indoctrinated person in sequence, who refuses to think about what they're really being told or taught by a corrupted media and government power structure. The government also reserves grandiose salaries and benefit packages for anyone willing to repeat their lies on cue. These people, although well compensated to lie, are cursed with long term physical and mental health dysfunctions (plus a myriad of sedative addictions) because they constantly have to destroy their nervous systems with various sedative tranquilizers, in order to stay disconnected from their innate humanity. This entire system benefits no one. It's a trap. There are the poisoners and there are the poisoned. Both are equally touched by the evil, no exceptions. Awaken or perish.

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