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Osama Bin Laden worked For the C.I.A back in the 1980's

Everything is inversion, hidden in plain sight. The world is a stage for the puppet masters and the satanic blood lines. The army of Pedo's who currently run this planet who's time is ending (the swamp is being drained). I'm talking about the Royal family's, all Major religions of the world, the super rich and those politicians who are working in parliament who pretend to care for humans but are nothing but pretend gate keepers to maintain the facade of a working govern-ment. Its all nothing but a load of rubbish. A small group of tired, old, scared men + Hillary haha who are money hungry half humans missing the compassion side of their brains "soulless portals" Who thrive of ritual and blood sacrifice and more disgusting behavior. Bin laden worked for the C.I.A in the 1960's you have been deceived.. again..

The question is how long will the little hobbits continue being divided by color, race, religion, country's, flag's, sexual orientation and the big one... by wealth?? Time to remove old beliefs and indoctrination throw it in the bin and focus on being a good human working in unity, rather than spending your life worshiping a false imaginary god, worship mother nature and our home mother earth, something tangible and real that exists...

All wars and fake terrorism are about land grabbing, killing off the native cultures and wisdom, stealing recourse's, geo political strategy, acquiring star gates and ancient technology and of course selling weapon and funneling drugs into the western world.

Lucky for us the internet and truth media is blowing apart all the false narrative's. Main stream media "or sewage stream media" as i like to call it is dead, the lowest approval ratings in recorded history and with majority of hobbits realizing that it's nothing but lies and propaganda they are looking for alternative means of news. "Enter the truth media!!!!" We have been lied to about all wars / false flag attacks, about our health and what foods we should be putting into our mouths, programmed day and night by movies, propaganda fake news and our education system don't even get me started on that bad boy. We have been told to drink fluoride laden tap water "a proven Neurotoxin & disease accelerator by Harvard university & 47 other major studies" and in some places forced to inject our children with harmful non effective vaccines containing mercury, aborted human Foetuses and SV40 time release cancer virus cells (proven Look it up), Literally throwing them on the satanic sacrificial alter.

All these weird practices and mind control activities are there to keep the masses on a low frequency so they don't awaken and question the prison system we live under and the true reality that we are creator beings. The evil is ending there has never been a time in history like now to make change, speak and walk your truth for a better world fighting for the next generations..

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