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2 Separate Realities Playing Out

There really are 2 seperate realities playing out here on earth and a third off world with the break away civilisation and SSP "Secret Space Programs". The First camp is the people who can't see this. If these photos don't ring some serious alarm bells then we really need to question the consciousness level of most of humanity. How can someone living here on earth have not noticed in the last 4 years this phenomenon taking place in every United Nations "Rothschild's" controlled country each day in the skies above us? Do people really not look up?

The veil blocking the vision is all to do with frequency and vibration, if a person is eating rubbish food, taking pharmaceutical drugs, getting smashed by GWEN towers, dosing themselves with fluoride and not doing any inner work (energy cultivation) add in no self analysis, critical thinking and questioning everything. Then throw in being vaccinated (lobotomized) which shuts down the intuition and spiritual centre in a massive way, these Black Operation Miltary Geo Engineering programs no matter how obvious they are simply will not be visible to them. "The lights are on but no one is home" or Stockholm syndrome.

Raising the Internal spin, accessing those soul code genetics , dna up grading , opening that heart in place of love, manifesting through Pure intent is the single most important thing we can do to shift our current circumstances. Energy flows were intention goes.

Camp 2 is the awakening humans who are un learning the programs, the activists, truthers , connected sages, Seers, earth beings, tribes and true custodians "natives" of this great land who "get it" and are exposing what's happening, passing down the sacred knowledge but they still have their own list of issues.

Inner work is KEY amongst these groups. Pure activism is a trap and can be a distraction, it MUST be shifted on the etherical and action taken in real life not "Facebook" which is a closed circuit. Most people get off Facebook and go back to being Bob the builder, rather than being that warrior for mother Earth he or she was, on the internet. Facebook is their A.I system and the reach as you know is censored for us bringers of truth. Real world action needed.

Activists forget this and focus on the problems and external factors rather than solutions and accessing that internal medicine.

The spiritual crowd are usually too caught up in love and light, rejecting the Monetary system and to busy trying to dissolve egos and other false White light programs "traps" "time harvesting". They must also step up by facing the hall of mirrors "shadow self" rather than rejecting anything negative and take action in the real world too, there is a fine balance of action and inner work we must each attempt to maintain.

We must focus on the solutions, step by step each day moving forward to our goals. This is the marathon battle this war has been going for eons of time multidimensionally and won't end in this life time either.

Each person has a crucial role to play here on mother Earth gaia. These programs will continue untill YOU take action no President or God is going to come save you, you are responsible for everything happening on earth don't for a second say " what can I do" or "how can i help" or some other disempowering bull shit like that.

Vote with your dollars , speak your truths, bombard your local members of Parliament each day put the pressure on these useless system feeders, get together "gather" with like minded individuals, stay healthy, do that inner work , be the change you wish to see in others and dance through the Kaos as soon as you get angry and the game becomes your life, they have won. Have fun laugh live love.

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Neil Pascoe

You tube: Nate Max TV

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