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Viruses - The History of the Invisible Enemy

Viruses - The History of the Invisible Enemy

Vaccines are the primary method by which ruling families control, manipulate, steal from and govern the uninformed masses. The way vaccines are marketed, is by the use of "the invisible enemy" tactic. Ruling families share information internally, that proves the best way to get the human herd to conduct themselves illogically (and idiotically) is to invent an enemy. An enemy triggers fear in the human mind, shunting energy away the adult/logical part of the mind, and moving that energy toward the child/illogical part of the brain stem.

When ruling the human herd, you need as many of the human cattle operating and making low IQ and illogical decisions, from the brain stem area of the nervous system. In the case of vaccines, the enemy is "disease" and "viruses". Invisible enemies are proven most effective to activate the lower IQ brain stem of the human animal..... like Satan, the devil, sin, terror (the war on terror), global warming, communism etc etc. When you can't really place your hand on the enemy to eventually declare victory (because it's an abstract concept or invisible) you can always keep the human herd in complete panic, fear, shock and trauma. This is also known as ruling by "shock doctrine". Viruses, if you can believe, are declared by many scientists to not exist at all or to not exist in the way we've been taught. With many experts claiming poisons make us sick, not viruses, but if humans came around to logically understand that poisons made them sick, they would instantly understand that documented poisons are inside vaccines..........which brings us full circle on this issue. The vaccines are full of poisons, the poisons are what make us sick, the poisons are there to destroy our brains and traumatize us, which in turn helps us "not think" and keeps us lining up demanding that ruling families poison us and our fear of an enemy that has never existed.


Jason Christoff Health Coach

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