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The down fall of society, social media and the Cell Phone "Mind Prison"

So ill be deleting messenger and facebook of my phone along with all the other life sucking shitty apps we are all linked into now days. My life has gotten worse since i purchased a smart or "spy phone" so im going back to my old nokia and spending more time on the streets connecting with people on the human level with sound journeys, meditation classes, seminars and group gatherings all which will be on my new web site. Its such a catch 2 social media and technology. One thing i know for sure is that humans are becoming very disconnected and are chained to their "cell Phones" which is basically a mind prison. All english language tells us of what spells we are casting at each other. I walk the streets and people watch regulary and i see the sadness and disconnect in amongst my fellow humans i can feel the Loneliness amongst my global family.

These apps and programs have "less than role model" people with 300k followers but really only 3 real friends in life and a deep sadness and disconnect. "False pride" with a pretend happy life style. Post only the photos of perceived happiness eg: with all the other hot girls at a club, or on a balcony on holidays over looking the ocean, don't show the other side of the coin the negativity and complaining / un happiness the 80% of actual life they live, which makes other girls feel less of then selves, due to instagram filters and photo shop. Soul destruction on a mental level for women and makes men lust over these women and want an attractive girls friend over love, a soul mate and a life partner that will fill the cup of happiness.

The dating seen is just obserd and the level of false pride, material fame and ego is just out of control.

I see women aspiring to be kim kardashian huge glasses, with a 5k hand bag posting photos of their hand bag on instagram what the fuck is that?. Destroying the beautiful natural looks to become the beginning of the transhumanist era. These women look like the new A.I sex robots. Huge finger nails, massive lips and cant barely smile due to the amount of botox "rat poison" they are injecting their faces with. I think to my self some times imagine a higher race of beings watching down from outer space at how we act they would be like WDF these humans are mental. Seriously could you imagine watching us behave...?

I see men so fixated on having an AMG Mercedes or being that gangster or pretending out that they are super wealthy. The funny this is only poor people wear designer clothes, Rich people spiritually and material wise don't need out ward expression of wealth because they are inner wealthy already with nothing to prove, no competition needed.

This is all going to spiral out of control and we wil find people going back to what made us happy when we were kids, the simple things in life. Playing in the park with friends, walking in nature, riding push bikes, swimming, relaxing and reading a book and getting back into nature. Getting totally off grid away from the distractions and the competition trying to be the best or the prettiest or the wealthiest.

Rather than serving ones self people will compete on who can help the most people who can be the best person and the most un selfish. This is coming it just depends how long will you serve your self and pretend to be this super hero.

Social media posting spreads some awareness but the real help is needed in the real world, talking to children mentoring them, going into nursing homes and spending time with the older generation, planting trees and being an active part of making this world great again. Which all comes with an open heart education and motivation.

If you want a world with forests, rivers, oceans and drinking water left for your children you need to fucking grow up and pull your head out of ur arse. If you didn't know there are evil scum bags who are destroying ever facet of life atm, and trying their hardest to kill you and your family. Don't let it take a health crisis to wake you up. Start being accountable for your actions now and together we can make something never seen before here on earth. Source: Neil Pascoe Facebook:

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