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A Gathering Of Momentum 16 Jason Christoff & Shayne Benattar "Sovereign Health"

Hey beautiful people thanks for joining us again in another "Gathering Of Momentum" this week we have famous health coach & mentor Jason Christoff who has appeared on the Dr phill show and been in the natural health industry for over 20 years & young buck world awakener Shaye Benattar from the Viral Instagram account connecting_consciousness.

We tapped on a some pretty profound topics regarding health sovereignty and some hard hitting truth this week and shined some light into some taboo topics. This was a beautiful well rounded conversation and I hope you all enjoy it.

In this weeks Flow Session we spoke about:

* Medical Freemasonry * 52 Hidden Dangers in the house * The Global Health Awakening * Circumcision and trauma based mind control * Children on the sacrificial alter * The School Indoctrination system * TV & the nervous system manipulation/ * GMO & DNA degeneration * The Vril Society & Hitler's Psychics * ADDHA Scam Drugs to halter the awaken Children * Smart Dust / Nano Tech * The Truth About Vaccines * Coffee and blood flow

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Much Love Nate Max

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