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The Story of The Green Bee and Our Society's Delusions

The Story of The Green Bee and Our Society's Delusions

Delusion is a psychological term used to describe the belief in anything that isn't true. Our society today is built on a foundation of primary delusions, upon which are stacked thousands of secondary and tertiary delusions. Delusions need constant maintenance. The truth requires nothing to maintain itself.

Think of our societal delusions as being similar to trying to convince children that bees are black and green instead of black and yellow. That's a big lie and that's going to take a lot of effort. You would need to color each yellow stripe on a bee green. There would be thousands of people employed to paint the yellow stripes of each bee green. New industry would explode with bee painting equipment, bee paint, books about the green striped bees, government regulations forbidding anyone to produce natural yellow bees, police training to take down natural bee hive operations etc etc. Parents would get tax credits for lying to their children about the green bees and a green bee holiday would be sandwiched into the calendar (if it could even fit between all the other delusion based holidays), where everyone dresses in green, eats toxic food and gets drunk. When slaves are off work, you need to keep them drunk and high in someway, shape or form......or they may start connecting the dots. But the truth is that bees have yellow stripes and you don't need any effort at all to maintain the truth. The truth just is. The truth occurs with zero effort, naturally. Lies need lots of effort and our society loves putting all its' effort into maintaining the lies.

I'm a businessman and when I look out into the world, all I see is people, an economy and a government based on delusion maintenance. The human resources, effort and money dedicated to maintaining our lie based delusions is what drives our economy. Fluoride, which destroys teeth, promoted as helping strengthen teeth. Vaccines, which destroy immunity, promoted as helping increase immunity. Anti depressants which increase depression, promoted as an instant trip to happy land. Medications, which increase disease 100 fold, promoted as health care. Legal systems that destroy justice. Education systems that destroy intelligence. Government systems that destroy freedom. Defense forces that never defend and only attack. Media organizations that destroy the free flow of truthful information. Agriculture systems that destroy food. Religious systems that destroy spirituality and instill rage. Entertainment systems that indoctrinate and mind control the uninformed public. Everyone is indeed getting up early, putting in the long hours, coming home exhausted and dedicating themselves to the fortification of what exactly? What exactly are people accomplishing after their long days of work? And the answer to that question is.....sweet fuck all, other than expanding and repairing a house of cards that should have fallen long ago. People are living their entire lives trying to convince themselves and others that bees have green stripes BUT THEY DON'T. It's time our society backed out of the delusion maintenance business and started to evolve, progress, ascend and mature into the society it's fully capable of being. It's time we hung the "going out of business" sign on our delusion based society. We can do better. We've all had enough. For the love of God. We're killing ourselves trying to maintain our society's lies, as well as our own. What are the solutions? First refuse to put so much effort into maintaining your own lies, and then work your way outwards to the rest of the world. Source: Jason Christoff Owner @

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