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ISIS The C.I.A Run Proxy Army Created in Hollywood movie Studios

Many ISIS Beheadings are Filmed With Green Screens. The deep state black opps combined with the NSA and other government agencies save everything in database "prison drag net spying" every text, email, snap, comment etc anything on the internet is 100% databased, they can zoom in on a label on a pack of cigarettes and read it from space, can drone strike entire cities to dust sitting in Texas in a deep underground military base, but somehow they can't stop a rebel group living in... tents in the desert?? 🗯 Anyone with any editing or media background can tell a green screened video or not... go and look at the ISIS Japanese beheading video. Blatantly fake it's so obvious the shadows don't line up at all 🗯 We got some of the highest budgeted, most advanced military superpower warfare machine but cannot blow up some tents in the desert? Come on . Why not do a full enquiry into toyota and audit the company see who paid for the hundreds of brand new hilux 4x4s. It's just that simple this is aproxy war fought for oil and land grabbing. Not to mention Syria has huge deposits oif lithium so the globalists and push the next "green revolution" the bull shit 50 year old out dated lithium batteries "tesla" which is even more un sustainable than digging for coal.

Cars initially ran on batteries and were electric before the even more out dated combustion engine was created. Good old henry ford brought out a car not long after which was made out of hemp composit panels, used hemp oil for fuel and guess what... A year later hemp was banned globally.

Its time free clean green energy is released to the world. No more war the only thing worth fighting for is our home.. Mother earth

Know thy enemy

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