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Give Your Body The Essential Minerals and Trace Elements it Needs to Function Properly.  "Grab The Spark Plug For Your Body" with Nautral Fulvic Acid

Grasses of Life Black Minerals provides almost every conceivable mineral and trace element in an organic, colloidal form.

 Black Minerals is a blend of Austrian Alpine moor minerals and sea minerals, with natural citrus extract.  The synergistic combination of these natural mineral sources ensures that nearly all of nature’s elements are present, and  provides for a higher concentration of the commonly occurring minerals. The Alpine moor extract is comprised of almost 80% Fulvic Acid which is a highly regarded nutrient.

The Perfect Way to Stay Hydrated by Adding 10-15mL to a litre of water daily.

It also creates a synergy that allows the full spectrum of minerals present to ‘help ’ the others to work effectively; this means that only very small concentrations are necessary. It is important to note that organic minerals do not cause a storage problem within the body, as only those that the body requires are utilized, with the remainder being excreted.

Fulvic Black Minerals

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