Full Interview On Auro Minerals
With Water Expert Nissim Malul

ASEA Reddox Signalling Molecules "interview'

Auro Liquid Gold "The Gold Standard In Water Purification" A Product which will purify and treat well over 1000 litres off tap water into pristine drinking water. These high potency minerals and trace minerals are derived from volcanic rocks not only do they remove the contaminates from the drinking water they also re structure the water pushing the water into the 4th phase which is Liquid Crystaline Water H320.

This product replaces your drinking water with pristine toxin free water with has the same frequency as healthy cells. This 4th phaze water mimicks the cell water in your body so its more easlily absorbable.If you are filtering your water or using reverse osmosis you need to be re mineralising your water. This is the cheapest & and only product on the market which does this all in one process. A Truly Amazing product.

Video on Auro With Nissim

Water Test With Auro

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Auro Liquid Gold "The Gold Standard In Water Purification"


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