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July 15, 2018



Agenda 21 – The UN Blueprint for the 21st Century

Results of the soil and water samples taken in Donegal samples were taken all over Ireland , But it is the same all over Ireland no matter wher you took them as the ski...

Rachel Maddow‘s May 2 MSNBC show, highlighted Andrew Kramer‘s same day New York Times (NYT) article, saying the Kiev regime has decided to limit its cooperation with the Robert Mueller led FBI investigation on an alleged collusion between Donald Trump’s 2016 US presidential campaign and the Russian government. The Kiev regime is presented as feeling...

May 8, 2018

"U.S.A Courts rule Iran is To pay billions in compensation to 9/11 families with no evidence" Iran.. WDF... Oh wait Iran just dropped the U.S.A backed $$ petro dollar $$. History repeats its self, any one remember Lybian President Gadafi when he dropped the petro dollar?

9/11 was the most easily proven well documented "sloppy" inside job false flag...

A neutral bystander might question why Iran is not permitted to explore nuclear capabilities, especially as the country has long been under the shadow of possible attack. One need only examine the fate of past American victims like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, none of whom possessed nuclear weapons as a deterrent against aggression.

Such is the lesso...

April 1, 2018

Since the early 1960s, State governments have issued Birth Certificates to "persons" with legal fictional names using "ALL CAPS" names. This is not a lawful record of your physical birth, but rather the acknowledgement of the "birth" of the juristic, all-caps name. It may appear to be your true name, but since no proper name is ever written in all c...

March 12, 2018

Everything is inversion, hidden in plain sight. The world is a stage for the puppet masters and the satanic blood lines. The army of Pedo's who currently run this planet who's time is ending (the swamp is being drained). I'm talking about the Royal family's, all Major religions of the world, the super rich and those politicians who are working in pa...

February 23, 2018

The Latest Flue pandemic scam.. Another big pharma fear campaign scaring people into injecting them selves with cancer causing pathogens "de population". I have not had a cold, flue, sniffle, virus or anything in 13+ years why? Because i detox... The flue is the human bodys natural way of cleaning its self. Raising the temperature to kill of bacteri...

January 16, 2018

 There really are 2 seperate realities playing out here on earth and a third off world with the break away civilisation and SSP "Secret Space Programs". The First camp is the people who can't see this. If these photos don't ring some serious alarm bells then we really need to question the consciousness level of most of humanity. How can someone livi...

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